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*Mobile travel fee does apply

  Mileage is based on a round trip. Rates below are for mobile notary services between 7:00 am    and 6:00 pm. Call for an after hours quote, or see Additional Services Fees below.

                                         * 00-10 Miles      $20.00 Travel Fee

* 11-20 Miles.     $30.00 Travel Fee

* 21-40 Mies.      $40.00 Travel Fee

For more than 40 miles please call or email for a travel rate/fee.

*Payments Accepted for General Notarial Acts: Cash, Money Orders, Cashier's Check.

*Remote Online/ All other Services: invoiced checks and/or other payment methods accepted via online platform at time of serve.

General Notary Work GNW: (Mobile)

2023 Notary Fees By State:

State Virginia

Acknowledgments:                  $5

Jurats:                                   $5

Verbal Oath/ Affirmation:        $5

*Travel Fees do apply

Remote Online Notary (RON) GNW:

2023 Notary Fees By State:

State Virginia

Acknowledgments:                  $25

Jurats:                                   $25

Verbal Oath/ Affirmation:        $25

Apostille Facilitation:

International Documents

$175.00 -1st document package & $75 per additional document within same setting.

(with standard delivery fee 7-14 business days/ travel fee included).

 *rush delivery charges will apply

An apostille agent helps you prepare an apostille that certifies the authenticity of documents to be used by a foreign government. It is important to name the country to determine if the country is a part of the Hague Convention or Non-Hague. This determines the correct steps to getting the documents authenticated and/or certified properly in a fast an efficient manner saving you time and money.

Notary Loan Signing:

Fee varies by document or package type

*Single Loan Closing $150.00

  • 25 miles round trip of travel included! We will travel additional miles for additional cost.

  • Printing of electronic documents: up to 120 pages per package: includes scan backs, includes buyers copies. Printing additional pages, per page $0.25 up to 5 pages).

  • Packages larger than 120 pages (starting at 6-50 pages over\ are an additional $25.00.

  • Client pays shipping. 


*Travel and non-closing fee    $75.00

This fee is due if notary travels to location and borrower refuses to sign.

*Cancellation Fee                $25.00

applied with 1-hours or less notice.

Additional Services:

Authorized Agent ( I-9 Employment Eligibility Form)

individual: call for pricing

company: negotiated with company​

Notary Permit Courier Services:$150

 (mobile travel fee included)

We advise clients throughout the permitting process to keep construction projects on schedule and within budget.

Field Inspection: negotiated with contracting company

Ink Fingerprinting Service: $40.00 + travel fee as listed above

includes two cards 

Exam/Test Proctor: $75 per hr + travel fee as listed above.

  • Proctor services available to monitor students during examinations in various locations including but not limited to: trade schools, schools, libraries, realtor schools, book stores,or your home. 

*Unexpired Photo ID Required


Notary Co Services is not an attorney or a law firm and does not provide legal advice. Nothing contained in this website and/or statements made by Notary Co Services representatives is intended nor should it be considered legal advice. Each legal matter is unique and specific; We encourage every individual and business to seek guidance from legal counsel concerning their specific legal matter. Our services are strictly for your Notarial requirements.

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